Week 2: Day 5, 6 & 7

I have done a poor job in documenting my workout the past few days. Shame on me!

Today I worked out from Eldorado in Dahab. It was very windy, but that didn’t stop me 🙂

I did four rounds of the following:

  • 10 Pike Pushups
  • 15 seconds Quarter Dip Bounce Hold
  • 10 Hindu Pushups
  • 15 second Handstand Wall Hold

The exercise today was quite shoulder intensive, and fortunately my injured shoulder has been keeping up well.

The two workouts prior were in Egypt. One day was focused on the back, and that was a very difficult day. In rounds 3 and 4 of that day I divided all sets into two and took a lot more rest than was recommended. Here was the exercise:

Three rounds of:

  • 10 Wide Grip Pullups
  • 8 Close Grip Pullups
  • 5 Slow pullup releases (5 seconds)
  • 8 Pullup Hold Side to Side

Finally, the third workout was lower body and that’s easy. Mido, my nephew, joined me on this workout. He coped through the entire exercise!

The exercise was four rounds of:

  • 5 Down and up Squats (5sec down)
  • 1 Leg Wall Sit (30 seconds)
  • 10 Jump Squats on Platform
  • 12 One Leg Raises on Platform

Here’s a picture I took with my nephew at the end of that workout. It is admittedly a horrible picture, but that’s not going to stop me from posting it 🙂

Week 2 – Day 3 & 5

I’ll write about both days since I missed documenting the workout from day 3. Day 3 was focused on core. I did four sets of the following:

  • Knee Raises (20 seconds)
  • 90 Degree Flutter Kicks (20 seconds)
  • Parallel Bar Knee Raises (25 seconds)
  • 90 Degree Core Hold (10 seconds)

In the last two rounds, I couldn’t hold 90 degree with my core in flutter kicks or L-hangs, so I did them with my knees bent.

Today was focused on back – lots of pullups. I did three rounds of the following:

  • 10 wide grip pullups
  • 8 close grip pullups
  • 5sec Down Pullup Release
  • 8 Pullup Hold Side to Side

I had to break down some of the sets into two as it was difficult to do this many. I also rested a lot longer than the suggested rest period.

This workout program is quite tough. If I am continuously not hitting the expected performance I may have to modify my plans a bit.

Week 2 – Day 1

I did today’s workout on the splendid beaches of Dahab. Today was an easy and quick lower body workout. The only exception to that were “In Place Jumps”. Those were a killer and my heart was pounding at the end of every set.

I did four sets of the following, with ~30 second breaks in between each set.

  • Sumo Squats (30 sec)
  • In Place Jumps (20 sec)
  • Butt Kicks Alternate (30 sec)
  • Low Duck Walk (30 sec)
  • Single Leg Calf Raises (40 sec)

Week 1 – Day 7

I was on hiatus the past two days, but now I’m back! I spent the past three days diving so a delay was expected.

Today was exclusively pushups, and it was hard. In total I did 180 pushups today. I ended up doing three sets of the following:

  • 20 Wide pushups
  • 15 Incline pushups
  • 15 Decline pushups
  • 10 Regular explosive pushups
  • 10sec 90 degree pushup hold

In the second half of the third set, I started breaking sets into two because it was a bit much. Also, I took around ~1min between each exercise, which was a bit more than the rest time as recommended in the workout plan.

This concludes week one – eleven more to go!

Week 1 – Day 4

Today was abs day. The previous program I did in Small Fish didn’t have any designated ab workouts, so this is a nice change.

Today’s workout was 4 sets of the following:

  • Bicycle Kicks (20 seconds)
  • 15 sit ups
  • Left plank (15 seconds)
  • Right plank (15 seconds)
  • V hold (15 seconds)
  • 15 crunches

I was to do around 30 seconds between sets, but it was easy enough that I didn’t need that much rest.

Week 1 – Day 3

I am still getting used to this new type of workout. Before I used to take longer breaks, but now my rest is time-bound, which makes it more difficult, but more rewarding as well.

I did 3 cycles of the following with 30 second breaks between them:

  • 10 chinups *
  • 15 regular pushups
  • 90 degree pullup holds (15 seconds)
  • 15 reverse chair dips
  • 10 shoulder press ups

* I did 9 chinups on the third set. Couldn’t make it to 10 🙁

Project Medium Fish

Following the success of Project Small Fish, I feel now more ready than ever to start another project. This project is an extension of Project Small Fish, and I thus dubbed it “Project Medium Fish”.

Project Medium Fish, like its predecessor, is a mental and physical fitness project. To me, this project is deeply foundational. It’s a challenge to grow myself mentally and physically. It’s a statement. It’s a statement that I am in control, and in my control I shall be disciplined and I shall thrive. I don’t need to rely on a new year’s resolution to motivate me or a gym membership to make me feel better. My mind is now much stronger than three months ago, and I believe that I now have the mind to take this project to completion and many others to come.

Deadline: April 15, 2018

Current Progress:


For this project, I decided to follow a program called “The System” by Bar Brothers. As someone who suffered from a shoulder injury, I need to spend more time building my calisthenics foundation, and I think this program will help me build a solid one.

It’s a 12 week program, and by the end of it I should be able to do the following between three different workout sessions:

 Exercise Reps Sets Rest
Handstand Pushups wall assisted 5 6 40sec
Pushups stance shoulder walk outs 10 6 45sec
Pike Pushups 14 6 50sec
Handstand Hold 45sec 6 1min
Muscle Ups 8 6 30sec
Pushups 15 6 40sec
Dips 15 6 45sec
Pullups 10 6 1min
Clap Pushups 12 6 30sec
Type-Writer Pushups 12 6 40sec
Inner Pushups 12 6 50sec
90 Degree Pushups Hold 10sec 6 1min

In addition, there is a test to compare fitness levels before and after. I did the test today (12/31) and here are my results:

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Result
Pushups Max 1min 3 1min 31,14,10
Squats Max 1min 3 1min 26,34,38
Dips Max 30sec 3 1min 15,16,12
Situps Max 1min 3 1min 34,21,30
Pullups Max 30sec 3 1min 8,9,5

I’ll be reporting my progress as often and as thorough as I can. It’s showtime!

Also, there’s only a few hours left in 2017. Happy new year!