I likely did not mention this in public posts earlier, but from the end of November and till about 3 days ago I was involved nearly full-time on a project that had great potential to be a business. In a way, had this project succeeded, it would've filled part of the dreams that I had.

About 3 days ago, however, I reached the conclusion that this project is deemed to fail and paused working on it. Having it fail was partially my choice - I could've chosen to work on it longer but, for reasons I won't get into in this post, I decided not to.

Which leads me to the state I am in today. I am in the dark ages again of being thoroughly confused about what to do. The last three days were quite stressful, but I am glad to report that I feel quite relaxed and accustomed to the new state of affairs.

I say that I am in the dark ages "again" because there was another dark age last year when I also was very unsure of what to do, and that was from the time I left Lebanon last Summer till about early December, when I started committing myself to the business project I mentioned above.

During that time, I was moving around a lot (mostly in Europe), and was very unclear on what to do. There weren't specific objectives, but I came out of it with a new way to structure my projects like Small Fish, as well as other project ideas I've been meaning to pursue.

What I have continuously realized that in times like these I tend to think too much before making a move. Whenever an idea comes to mind that seems interesting it's always "too hard" or "too much competition" or "not in my field" or "isn't financially viable", etc.

Rather than focusing on ideation, I'll be focusing on learning for the next little while. What has become evident to me is one of my greatest joys is learning. For now I'll focus on learning things I find interesting, with no particular path, and see where that leads. I have some thoughts on how to add some structure to this, but I'll leave that for another post.

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