Locked Out and Poached Eggs

Yesterday started off really well. I had planned my early morning meticilously, and it was one of these days I knew was going to be productive, sharp, and on top of things. I am trying to get into the habit of organizing my day before it begins. Here's what I had planned:

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 08.00.32

It was off to a great start, but then a strange twist came about as I left the house. I realized as soon as I closed the door that I had forgotten my keys.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue since my brother or my parents would be around, but yesterday was literally the first day I ever spend alone in this house. With the rest of the family in Canada, I was in some deep trouble.

I went to work but obviously couldn't focus since I was concerned with how I was going to get back into the house. My coworker Tolba had a lockpicking set, so I took it and went back home early. I was optimistically thinking I could pick the lock of the back door (it was the easiest type of lock into the house). I felt like I was really close, but I think having the door previously locked with the key on the other side made it extra challenging and I couldn't do it.

I ended up resorting to the hard way. I asked Mazen from my dad's factory to send some people to take care of this. Osta Fawzy and Hamada came, and they drilled through the key hole to unlock the door and then replaced the door lock. The whole process was easier than I expected to be honest, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't lighly admonished by my dad for my negligence.

Anyways, yesterday for dinner I made some tuna salad and, for the very first time poached eggs! (!!) It was my first attempt at ever making them, and I'd say it was great for a first attempt. The eggs ended up edible and actually looked like poached eggs. More poached eggs will now pop up on my menu!


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