This evening I ended up going to a portrait drawing class at Kunsthaus in Zurich. I had never really taken up drawing before, so tonight I ended up going partially to fulfill my curiosity, and partially to give my social life in Zurich a little boost.

I really enjoyed the workshop even though we had to wear masks the entire time. I had never stared at a portrait this long in my life, but the more I looked, the more I saw. The details of the face, the hair, the dress, the hands... Drawing was surprisingly meditative, and one thing I particularly enjoyed drawing, it seems, was the dress. Drawing fabrics with all its intricacies may seem deceptively simple.

The portrait we drew was of Suzanne de Boubers de BernĂ¢tre by Hyacinthe Rigand

The workshop was only for two hours and I unfortunately didn't finish, but I decided to focus my effort on the dress. Not great, but not terrible. Also, I'll need to work on making the face, and specifically the eyes, more realistic.

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