A Health Setback

One of my goals this month was to get a workout routine for myself sorted out. I haven't been exercising as much as I would like. While I "workout" often, these workouts are generally very soft and, at best, do a good job of warming me up. The only exception to that are the yoga classes I take in the office with Deb Burkman - she's amazing!

This month I decided to solve this problem the professional way. I searched for a personal trainer to help me with my exercise routine with particular focus on my flexibility and muscle tightness. Personal training is not cheap. In fact, it was going to cost me more money than what I currently pay for rent, but an investment in your health is a worthwhile investment.

The main reason I wanted to focus on my flexibility and muscle tightness is due to the injury I had in my right shoulder. It's a long story and I'll leave to another post, but my shoulder got injured first in August 2014 in Egypt, then much more seriously in February 2015 in a flying trapeze class.

My body has been, and still is, prone to injury, and that's largely due to how tight my body is. It's been getting better with yoga and acroyoga, but definitely a lot of room for improvement.

Unfortunately, my shoulder got injured again last Sunday - the first setback to my shoulder since I had my surgery in March 2015 🙁 How did it happen? I threw a basketball. That's it. I felt like something got displaced and there was acute pain that lasted for about 15 seconds until I managed to put things back in place.

I visited an orthopedist and the nature of the injury is still unknown. I did an x-ray but that wasn't revealing. I will be doing an MRI soon to see what could be wrong.

Also, to make things even better, I suffered from food poisoning the day before yesterday 🙁

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