Aga the Spiritual Healer

It's been some time since I hosted people from Couchsurfing. This weekend I hosted a woman who runs by the name Aga La Magica. Aga is a shaman healer, a photographer, and an artist. Since I haven't really interacted with spiritual healers before, I thought I would be in for a fun weekend by hosting her.

In the past few years I lost touch with and completely disregarded spirituality. However, my experience in Ecuador brought something incredibly important to my awareness - having the "zen" state of mind. I say "zen" in quotes because this isn't necessarily the state of mind associated with Zen Buddhism, but rather the state of mind where I felt extremely content and present. I definitely reached that state of mind on New Year's eve in Ecuador (for reasons too long to mention in this post). In addition to being very present and content with myself, I was so "on" and open to people, very confident - a super human!

I have been wondering and researching since how I can attain this state of mind in a natural and sustainable way. Meditations sounded like a good candidate.

Aga spent two nights with me and we talked a fair bit about meditation and her experience with vipassana. I can definitely sense that she is a very content person and at peace with herself. Not to mention, she looked beautifully young for someone her age.

Aga is a vegan, and learning more about her veganism and observing her meals are swaying me a bit towards that - the meals looked so healthy and delicious!

I didn't have the time to fully understand Aga's spiritual side yet, but we meditated together last night after a deep stretch yoga session. The deep breathing she asked me to do gave me a nice tingling feeling inside. I felt abnormally alert afterwards and also had very good sleep that night.

Aga will be moving to San Francisco soon, and I'll be spending more time with her to understand her persona and mindset better - definitely something to learn there.

In the meantime, I'll be sure to drink more of the delicious chai she recommended and incorporate more essential oils in my life (frankincense was a favorite of hers).

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