Arabic Voice Assistant Prototype + Tarifa

It's almost 3.30am here in Tarifa. It's my last night in Spain, and reflecting back, it's been quite an adventure!

I am realizing that I am not writing as much as I would like, but I'll make an update on today and try to be more consistent and provide mini-updates.

Today was a very productive today. Firstly, I prototyped my first ever mobile app. Secondly, I prototyped something I have been thinking about for some time: an Arabic digital assistant. Voice assistants (think Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Voice search) will become more and more useful as wearables proliferate and as voice recognition reaches human parity.

Here's a quick demo of it (in Arabic). The only thing the assistant does is schedule alarms, but that's already super useful for me to use every day.

Work aside, Tarifa is apparently the kitesurfing capital of Europe. I took a couple of kitesurfing classes over the last two days, and earlier today I went to the beach to see the Kitesurfing League that was going on this weekend.

I also had a great Spanish dinner with Lisette & Ilga, two Dutch girls I met while here in Tarifa. A Spanish guy from my hostel also joined us, and I slowly realized he was gay given how annoyingly touchy he was (and how he's still sitting on the couch behind me waiting for me to finish working, even though it's almost 4am and he really should leave).

Anyways, time to sleep. Tomorrow I take the bus to Malaga, then from Malaga to Sweden!

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