Cardboard Etching

I've been in talks with Omar for a while about how we wanted to add an artistic touch to our room. But, up until yesterday, it was all talk and no action.

I was at the Techshop last night working on my tax return and, as I was about to head out, I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and do something that we can use in our room. And, since I've been playing with laser etching the past few days, I decided to etch Arabic calligraphy, since it's an art form that I love.

I found this beautiful Arabic calligraphy art piece online


I then decided to try out etching on cardboard, mostly because it was cheap, and partially because I was wondering how it look like. The results were much better than I expected. Check this out:

Not bad, right? Super economical too. In fact, Omar and I are now considering covering entire walls with cardboard tiles with various works of art. Maybe arrange the different pieces like a bee hive or something.

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