Skiing in Tahoe

In 2009, I put up a tutorial on youtube on how to stitch a gigapixel image. Aside from the fact that the tutorial was really cheesy and that I never actually finished it, the image in the tutorial was of the beautiful lake Tahoe.

Now, almost three years later, I finally made it out to Tahoe with Tim McKague, Sally Lee, and Sean DyStanley Chan, whom I worked with at TellApart last Summer, also managed to join us for about half the trip. We all went to Squaw Valley to ski and snowboard for the entire weekend.

My track in Winter sports isn't really the best. I have only went skiing twice before then and performed so poorly that strangers were yelling at me telling me that I "completely suck". Nevertheless, I decided the "bite the bullet" and see how things go.

On Saturday, the first day of skiing, I think I fell ~50 times. Everyone helped in instructing me, especially Stan. I think Stan was bored enough that he decided to document my struggle. Like this one:


And this one:


On the second day though, I felt a lot of improvement and I didn't fall nearly as often. I managed to join Tim and Sean on their skiing/snowboarding adventures. Sally decided to snowboard for her first time that day and was left to struggle for the rest of the day on the green hills. I guess Winter sports aren't that bad after all.

Acting in Chinese? I think so!

As our Chinese course is nearly coming to an end, we were asked to spice things up a bit by creating our very own short film in Chinese! We had to find a native Chinese speaker and interview him with at least ten questions from the vocabulary we had learnt. Check it out!

While you're at it, checkout the full blog and the making of below (just so you know what we've been through) 😀