Project Mobile Fish I Complete!

About three months ago I started Project Mobile Fish I, the first in a series of projects to improve my mobility. My discipline over the past few weeks was weaker than normal, but I'm finally pulling it together and can say that Project Mobile Fish I is officially complete!

I took a video from week 2 of this program as well as a video from when I finished this program 10 days ago. Looking through the videos, there are a number of improvements in my mobility that caught my eye that I'd like to share:

Deep Squat Reach

The deep squat reach was a stretch that I particularly disliked at the beginning of this program, but the more I worked through it the more I started to really enjoy it. I have seen a very visible gain in terms of my flexibility while doing this move (although I am still not doing it correctly in the full technical sense). The pictures below showcase the progress.

Deep Squat Reach - Before

Deep Squat Reach - After

Jefferson Curl

I was very far away from reaching my toes, but it looks like I'm getting a lot closer!

Jefferson Curl - Before
Jefferson Curl - After

Project Mobile Fish I

Yes, I think you can see a pattern by now. I'm launching a new fitness project. Project Slim Fish has been a very good success despite my shoulder setbacks. Since Slim Fish I've been doing some loose exploration of what to do next fitness-wise. What I realized is that what I need the most at this stage isn't more strength, it's more mobility.

My mobility is in my view my biggest weakness. I feel quite stiff, and as I get older I suspect my immobility will be the leading cause of injuries and/or pain I'll have. I decided to follow Calisthenics Movement's Mobility Program. I relied on Calisthenics Movement for Medium Fish and Slim Fish, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

For the purpose of this project, I'll aim to complete the first part of the mobility program, which is eight weeks long. As I did with Slim Fish, I'm not specifying specific mobility goals with this project. I'll be reporting progress based on empirical observations.

Deadline: December 18th, 2018