Conquering the FOMO

FOMO, or the "fear of missing out", is something that I used to feel very regularly. I know that, as I am writing these very words, that there is some event, some gathering, some festival, some hackathon, or some "thing" is out there right now that if I attend I would find incredibly rewarding, but I am unfortunately not there. Even worse, I have no idea where, what, and when these events are.

Reflecting and meditating has been helping me appreciate the moment and the present wherever that is, and that certainly helps, but that's also a double-edged sword. Just because I am content with where I am in the present doesn't mean that I shouldn't seek things that would make my time even better and more worthwhile.

I am at fault, and I know that. I don't actively seek events or gatherings to go to, despite how rewarding some of them were for me. Last weekend, I decided to rebel against this lazy person that I am. Rather than actively seek events though, I decided to automate that process. I wrote this nifty little script that finds interesting events on EventBrite and automagically adds them to an "Events" calendar on my behalf.

Here's how the initial version looks:

Events Calendar

It's certainly not amazing, but not bad for a first iteration! Now whenever I want to make the most out of a day, I can just check out this calendar to see if there's somewhere worthwhile to go. Just yesterday I ended up going to a meetup on Non-Gaming Virtual Reality, which was super interesting - I would've not known about it if wasn't on my calendar.

I'll be working on improving this over time. I'll think about other areas in my life that I can better optimize too.

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