Costa Rica in 12 hours!

When I woke up this morning I had no plans for Thanksgiving weekend, but now I do! I will be heading to Costa Rica in about 12 hours. I know next to nothing about the country and have no idea what I'll be doing there, but it should be a fun weekend adventure 🙂

My current trip to Boston, NYC, and now Costa Rica is probably the most spontaneous and unplanned trip I have done to date, and it's now serving me as a proof and reminder of how spontaneity can open doors for a lot of serendipity to happen - from the people I met here in NYC, to the biohacking class, and to the friends I made at Harvard Arab Weekend. I feel like my life has become tangibly richer and more lively.

In theory, I am excited about going to Costa Rica. In reality though, I have mixed feelings. Over the past few days I met people in NYC whom I absolutely loved, and it's making me wish I could stay here longer.

Back in 2013 I made a promise to myself that I'll never let distances be barriers to people I love. Honoring that promise, I'll be back in NYC again soon and often.

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