Day 1 in Sharm El Sheikh

Today was a bit of a rough start to our diving trip. The weather was cloudy, dusty, and very windy. One of the boats that went out in the morning came back shortly after because of the weather conditions.

We plowed through it tough and decided to dive directly from the beach without a boat. Haitham, my instructor, guided us in two dives in Shark's Bay. The first was a refresher, as it had four years since I last dived.

The second one was supposed to be a navigation dive, but it was cut short because Haitham's dry suit was leaking.

The original plan was to do a night dive this evening and then take a boat at dawn tomorrow to Thistlegorm, the British shipwreck from WWII. That unfortunately won't happen tomorrow also because of weather conditions. Hopefully the day after (?)

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