Day 10,004

Today I actually did have a plan - to some extent. I woke up early and went for a swim at the gym nearby. It's funny, I have been rarely going to swim lately, but now that I asked to cancel my membership at the end of the month I started going frequently. I guess you never appreciate what you have until you know it's going to be taken away from you.

On that note, I need to spend more time feeling gratitude towards what I have. I am fully acknowledging how blessed I am with the life I have, but I am definitely at fault for not reflecting on that enough.

Anyways, I won't be getting into what I am doing at work in a public post for confidentiality reasons, but there is good progress on the project we're working on there.

After work I headed to NoiseBridge. I was delighted that Chetan and Nick Pisarro joined as well. I cut out a few more pieces of my enchanted forest art piece in preparation for the painting night I have on Wednesday.

And, no, I am not ignoring my top priority of finding a vision for myself. I have been reading this article on achieving self-actualization. A very interesting but dense read. I haven't finished reading it yet so no conclusions to share so far.

I came back home and was delighted with the LED light installations Omar had done. It looks amazing with the forest we're working! As I am sitting in the room typing this, I feel that the ambience now is just... perfect.

Here's a little peak into the LED + forest + black light combo:

A few learnings from today:

  • I spent way too much ordering food while I was at NoiseBridge. I will carry a pack of space food with me for an instant on-the-go meal.
  • There are a lot of toxic fumes when laser cutting. I was going to buy a respirator, but I just realized that I have a head-band that can serve this purpose pretty well that I'll pack with me always.
  • I need to prepare my bag in advance the night before. I waste a lot of time in the morning looking for my gym clothes and other things to pack.

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