Day 10,006

I did wake up just as lazy as I did yesterday, but I pushed myself through it at 7am and managed to go swimming. It felt amazing.

At work today we experienced an existential crisis on the work we are doing based on some updates from the board, but a public blog post isn't the proper place to talk about that.

After work I had a plan of having my team over to my place for a painting night. Or, as I would like to call it, a painting ceremony. I loved it! It worked out really well and I definitely felt that it was a memorable experience that we all shared together. And, on another positive note, the enchanted forest is coming together bit by bit. It's exciting!

Here are some photos from the night:

At the end of the night I had some incense, and the combination of the incense and the LEDs we newly installed in our room were quite powerful. Have a look:

It is not lost on me that today I didn't work on my top priority of finding a vision for myself. I'll be sure to not lose sight of this. This evening was a beautiful one though - I feel very content with the time I spent with my colleagues. May your life and mine be filled with nights like this.

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