Day 10,010

I know, I didn't write yesterday. But, that was for good reason which I won't be discussing publicly.

I spent the bulk of today and yesterday at the Developer Week 2017 Hackathon. This is the first hackathon I participate in in a while. I didn't particularly go for the prizes, but rather to practice my discipline. I feel like focus is one of my weaknesses and a hackathon is a good way for me to practicing focusing on a single problem and producing results in a short period of time.

The hack I did was for the Sensel Morph trackpad. The challenge was to use it for authentication. I tried several approaches, but the one that ended up working was having the user overlay their fingertips on the trackpad. I can then look at the x and y coordinates of the fingertips to see if they match an authenticated user.

Here's how it looks like in action:

And here is the source code:

And now time for some مسقعة. Excuse me.

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