Day 10,011

Yesterday I had lunch with Sanjay. Sanjay, like Dobromir, is an engineer at TellApart/Twitter whom I highly regard and look up to as a mentor in various ways. Sanjay is one of the earliest employees at TellApart, and I met him back in 2011 when I first did my TellApart internship.

Sanjay is an example to me of how you can be a very impactful engineer, highly respected, and incredibly polite all at the same time.

The bulk of our conversation revolved around the revenue organization at Twitter and how we can help making it more efficient. On that note, we talked about the concept of multipliers and diminishers, a concept that I remember Wade referring to on several occasions.

He had a couple of book recommendations for me:

I admit I need to be more disciplined about my reading. I read through a lot of books, but it's mostly undirected and I seldom finish them.

On another note, today I had a great workout. Rowing for 30 minutes, a 4-minute plank, and swimming for 20 minutes. I felt fabulous afterwards. I usually workout in the morning before work, but I will now experiment changing that.

Instead of working out -> work -> spend evening at events/side projects, I'll instead work on side projects in the morning -> work -> work out + events/social life in the evening. I think that approach would work better for me.

Still no notable progress from that day on establishing a vision. However, yesterday I had this thought that the act of merely thinking may be insufficient. Instead, I am thinking of adopting what I call the "mindset of shippability". I need to have clear deliverables for whatever I am thinking/doing.

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