Day 10,013: Parkinson’s Law and Following Up

It's now 3am and I am exhausted. I spent the last seven hours preparing a pitch deck as part of my application for the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and it feels great to be done!

I wanted to highlight two learning from applying to the bootcamp so far:

1. Always follow up. I only knew of MIT's bootcamp five days before the deadline and I scrambled an application together within four hours. Three weeks went by and I heard nothing. I assumed I got rejected, but then I thought, why not follow up with them and check on the status of my application. I did, and I was delighted with their response:

Back in business! This is why I spent this evening working on the pitch deck, and it was a very challenging yet enlightening thought process. This takes me to the second learning that I want to talk about.

2. Parkinson's Law: This week was a clear example to me of Parkinson's law in action. When I had one night to assemble a pitch deck, I did more progress on market and product research than the last three months combined. I now have a name for the product, a clear definition of the problem I am trying to solve, and I even pivoted on my approach of the product after some thinking and product research.

Spending a week with MIT at their bootcamp would be highly valuable for me, but it seems like, even in the case where it doesn't work out, that I have already gained a lot out of it.

As an aside, I need to think of more ways to enforce Parkinson's law in my life. I need pressure!

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