Day 10,016: The Forest and the Flat Tire

It's getting late, but today has been an enjoyable one. This weekend I have a couchsurfer, Johanna, who is super sweet. We were just hanging out right now in the kitchen enjoying some drinks and painting under black light.

Today I gathered Omar Fahmy, Abdelrahman Ghania, and Johanna to go out for a trip. We ended up going to Henry Cowell State Park. It's one of the Redwood Forests that I really enjoy. I've been there once before last July and had a great time.

We got there rather late, but that's because I accidentally hit the pavement at a parking garage and had a flat time. It was an interesting experience getting it fixed. Luckily there was a garage nearby that helped us fix it.

I'll keep this post brief since I am quite tired. A more productive day to come tomorrow.

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