Day 10,020: The Flowtoys Jam

This evening I went to flowtoys, a company selling props/toys for flow art. I got exposed to flow art through Omar Shaker, and the fire jam I wrote about a few weeks ago was an inspiration for me to look into the dragon staff.

I did train a couple of times with my PVC Dragon staff, but today was my chance to try out a real dragon staff and see how that feels. The short answer is, it was incredible.

I jammed with the dragon staff for two hours. I got my chi roll nailed down, and I finally got to a state that I'd refer to as the "flow" state. Movements were smooth and swift, and in that state I feel very present, very calm, very relaxed, and living the best of the moment. It's the combination of the flow, the music, and the presence all add up to a very meditative state. I can totally see this as an effective way to meditate.

Here's a snippet of what I've been doing at the jam:

Dmitry was helpful enough to give me feedback, and I managed to bring Nick Pisarro from work as well (it's his birthday!)

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