Day 10,021

Today wasn't particularly eventful. I started on one of the courses required for MIT's bootcamp next month and did some planning for the trip, but nothing interesting to point out.

What I do want to point out though is that I am unsatisfied with how I am working these days. I am taking a lot of ownership at work and my strength in critical thinking and questioning the work we do has become more and more visible these days, both to me and my coworkers. However, I find that my work efficiency can be improved. I spend a lot of time juggling between different tasks and taking unnecessary breaks.

I previously experimented with setting clear weekly goals in my personal life and that worked out amazingly well. I want to revive that again both at work as well as personal life. For now, I did make very clear plans for work tomorrow. More planning, both personally and professionally, to come this weekend.

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