Day 10,024: A Day with Gaza Sky Geeks

Today I joined a potluck lunch with the Gaza Sky Geeks community. I got introduced to the Gaza Sky Geeks community through Iliana Montauk, who, like her brother Dobromir, is a source of inspiration for me on several levels.

Gillian, one of the community members, was gracious enough to host the lunch on her boat. The weather was beautiful and enjoyed a potluck in the sun.

A lot of interesting individuals that I met over that lunch. I got to know Mo'men, Mia, and Leila from Gaza. We all ended up spending the day together after lunch and we did a quick stroll around Muir Woods. It was a beautiful and it had been a while since I last hung out with fellow Gazans.

This post isn't incredibly eventful, but I'm really tired and I am only writing it because I want to stick with my writing habit. This weekend has been quite eventful and productive though. More updates to come.

2 thoughts on “Day 10,024: A Day with Gaza Sky Geeks”

  1. Maybe Moamin’s video blog should be an inspiration to you as well 😉

    (GSG news team picked this up and sent it my way!)

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