Day 10,027: The Flow Meditation

Today hasn't been a particularly great day at work. The work I've been doing for the past year at Twitter has been scrapped. There are definitely a lot of learnings from it for me, but that won't be the focus of this post.

By the end of the work day I wasn't in a particularly good mood, so I decided to head to flowtoys' flow jam. As I wrote last week, playing around with the dragon staff at the jam got me into a very soothing an meditative state - just what I need after a less-than-pleasant day at work.

I asked my coworker Nishanth if he would join me and, surprisingly, he said yes. Similar to last week, it was a very pleasant experience. I am in a much better mood now having done it. Not to mention that I am improving! Nishanth has picked up poi and has some moves to show.

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