Day 2 in Sharm El Sheikh

Weather today has been much nicer - more sun and less wind. We ended up taking a boat, حرية السويس, and visited a couple of dive sites. I did three dives during the boat trip. The first two dives were "drift drives", where I was learning to glide with current while enjoying the marine life. Both of these dives were with my instructor Haitham.

I then did a third dive, this time with Captain Abdelhameed, and that was a buoyancy dive, where I did drills to help control my altitude under water and to be neutrally buoyant.

Finally, I did a fourth dive with Haitham, Tarek, and Juan. This time, though, it was a night dive. I've been craving doing a night dive for a long time, and it certainly was worthwhile. I'd almost compare to going to outer space - the blackness of the sea vs the blackness of space and the buoyancy in the water vs the free gravity in space.

Anyways, we wrapped up today with a great seafood dinner at Fares. I am exhausted now. Time to head to be to catch another boat for a couple of diving trips in the early AM. Tomorrow will be the last day on this diving trip, and I then will be heading to Dahab to work out of there for a bit.

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