Day 3 in Sharm El Sheikh

Today was our last day of our diving trip. I did three dives today, bring the total number of dives on our diving trip to nine. To date, I have dived 21 times in total.

The first dive today was at Gordon Reef, and something unique to this reef is "The Lovilla", a boat that's stuck on the Northern edge of the reef, above the water. It's been sitting there since 2005, and has largely corroded away. It some point the remains will fall in the water and will make a very enjoyable dive site. Here's the ship:

Anyways, Haitham asked me to solve some simple math equations on the first dive at a depth of ~30m to test my tolerance to nitrogen narcosis. Reefs today were spectacular. I didn't take my camera underwater this trip unfortunately, but Tarek and Haitham did. I'll share photos from them once I get it.

I was supposed to head to Dahab today, but I felt pretty exhausted so I just hung out with Tarek and Abu ElHaz. Tomorrow morning I head to Dahab!

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