Decluttering my life

Sharing a room and having no closet space means that I have to be especially selective about the things I possess. For the past number of months there has increasingly been random items all over the room - on the table, on the chair, on the floor, by the couch, etc. Furthermore, our kitchen has a ton of storage space that's being used inefficiently.

I felt the sudden urge to do all this decluttering on a Saturday night because I felt a strong urge to declutter my mind. I need to get rid of things in my life that don't matter - be it physical belongings, useless or uninteresting outings, activities that aren't engaging, and (unfortunately) people that add no value to my life.

So far I've packed about 20% of my clothes to give away and have thrown out two cabins worth of useless fluff from the kitchen - a lot more to come in the next little while.

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