From the Far East to the Far West

So the past few weeks have been quite hectic, having to relocate from the far East (Singapore) to the far West (California) along with starting my internship at TellApart.

Within a span of eight days, I surfed through six cities in five flights over four continents. Here's the timeline:

  • May 7, 2011: Singapore, Singapore ✈ Dubai, UAE ✈ Cairo, Egypt
  • May 14, 2011: Cairo, Egypt ✈ Paris, France ✈ New York, USA
  • May 15, 2011: New York, USA ✈ San Fransisco, USA

My one week visit to Egypt marks my first visit after the January 25th revolution. Traces of the revolution are certainly visible everywhere you go - stickers on street carts saying "January 25", spray painting on walls and bridges denouncing Mubarak and his regime and barbed wires around the Maspiro Television building. There was also a protest to express solidarity with Palestine in Tahrir square on Friday, May 13th. Hopefully political and economical improvement would be as visible in the near future.

For the first ten days in California I stayed at USA Hostels near the Civic Center in San Francisco. The commute time to work was around 75 minutes. One of the weekends the hostel was fully booked and didn't have room to accommodate me. Thankfully, Stan Chen, my workmate, let me stay over at his place then. I have now settled in a house a few blocks away from work.

I am really enjoying my work at TellApart so far. In many ways it was exactly what I was aiming for this work term. It's a great mixture of really smart people to work with, a startup environment, and serious scalability issues to deal with.

Aside from that, I really don't know what else to say. In fact, I have no idea why I am writing this post right now. Off to bed.

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