Five minutes. Go!

Alright I'll say everything that comes to my mind about today for the next five minutes. Today has been a good and productive day. A few highlights:

  • Did two interviews for candidates at HIL. It was an interesting experience interviewing candidates in Lebanon. They were completely taken by surprise when I asked them technical questions and to write code on the board. One of the candidates I interviewed, has about two decades of experience and mentioned he had never had an interview of this format before. Apparently, in Lebanon technical interviewers don't ask candidates to write code. Baffling. Let's just say the Lebanon talent scene leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Confirmed outline of machine learning workshop.┬áThis is somewhat related to the point above. I spoke with Bassem at SE Factory a couple of weeks about giving a workshop on machine learning for developers here who are curious about it but didn't have the chance to dig into it. I am hoping it proves useful, and at the same teaching is the best way to learn, so it'll be a great learning process for me. The event will be published this Friday and will be scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, two weeks from now.
  • Picked up some new dragon staff moves. I practiced for nearly three hours today and busted some new moves that I am excited about. I felt like I plateaued for a while so this was definitely a refresher. One favorite of mine was a move called "Cheating Death". Very simple and very elegant.

Alright five minutes are up. Time to go to bed!

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