Forgetful I am, and forgetful I won’t be

When I started writing this post, I was supposed to be on a flight to Istanbul. But, instead, I started writing it as I was sitting just outside of my home in San Francisco. In case you’re wondering why I am outside of the home, it’s because I forgot my keys. And, in case you’re wondering why I did not make my flight to Istanbul, well, it’s because I lost my passport.

Yes, I lost my passport. Not only that, but, of all places, I lost my passport while I was waiting to board the flight - seconds before boarding! The personnel called on my group to board, and I then noticed that my passport was missing. I almost ripped my bags apart looking for it. I almost disassembled the chair I was sitting on looking for it. I almost ripped out the carpets I walked on in case it magically fell underneath them, but it wasn’t there. I checked at the deli where I bought a salad shortly before my flight. It was gone, and gone was my flight.

Five minutes after the airline offloaded my luggage and the flight took off, I remembered that I threw my salad in the trash can just before they called on me to board, and in that trash can was my passport. Yes, as stupid as this sounds, I accidentally threw my passport in the trash can. As frustrating and silly as this experience was, I was at least glad I found the passport. Otherwise, I won't be where I am now. I am now at the airport waiting to board the same flight, except it's only 24 hours and $880 later. Ouch.

I feel quite zen actually about the whole experience. Accidents happen, and being more frustrated about them happening won't do any good. However, there were a couple of thoughts in my head about this whole experience.

How can I prevent this accident from happening again? How can I stop being forgetful?
My mind is definitely in a bizarre state lately. In the past six weeks I lost my retainer and my belt*. Yesterday I forgot my keys at home and the whole passport fiasco at the airport cost me anxiety, 24 hours of time I could've spent with family, and $880. Late last night I was with my travel agent on the phone working on my flight rebooking, only for my roommate Omar to realize the next morning that I dropped my debit card in the kitchen. It's clearly something to do with my state of mind lately. Possibly a combination of work and a few other things on my mind. I am not being present, and I need to explore avenues to change that.

As a security measure though, I'll be ordering bluetooth trackers to attach to my keys, passport, wallet, and bag. That way, an accident like the one yesterday would almost never happen again.

Why is this a problem to begin with?
Another thought I had was, why was this even a problem? Why do I need a physical document to identify myself, and without it I am an anonymous entity? Why isn't identification digital yet? I know the answer to this question is not so simple. Not all countries and airports have the resources to be equipped with a way to digitally identify people. And, even then, there are the security concerns that such a system can be hacked. But, I feel like these challenges are not that significant to overcome. Food for thought.

Now I better catch my flight, before I miss it again.

* How can one lose a belt? Seriously.

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