Hacking Laundry

The laundry machines we have in our building have always been an inconvenience. Not only is it costly, but you better have a couple of dozen quarters at hand to get one load done. And, given that my laundry stars seem to align on late Sundays, when all banks are closed, getting a hold of all these quarters wasn't exactly the most exciting pre-laundry workout.

While I finally stepped up to solve this problem by piling a mountain of quarters in my room, I wondered how hackable were the coin slide machines used by these laundry machines. If I feed it something the size of a quarter, would it work? I 3D printed a quarter to answer that question, and it turns out that, yes, it works!

For this one-off experiment, I 3D printed one quarter and tested it out on one machine that had an extra quarter slot open. Not that I intend to rip off the laundromat, but I was curious how hackable these mechanical machines were.

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