Jazz Horror Stories, Running Back Home, and Lessons in Physics

Yesterday I met up with my friend Maysa after work. She's here for a brief visit from the UK. Even though Maysa doesn't live here, she seems to be quite well connected and is aware of events going on in the city that are somewhat unorthodox to me. The last time I saw her we went to a poetry gathering, and this time around we went for a jazz and radio show.

The show was really neat. It was at the "Bird & Becket" bookstore near Glen Park. A few musicians played jazz music, and between every jazz songs there was a radio show. I am very foreign to radio shows. Maybe the last one I listened to was on radio "هنا القاهرة", an Egyptian radio channel, some 15 years ago, and it was by accident.

Watching a radio show live was very entertaining. In fact, in the show they shared two horror stories. It reminded of the "حكواتي", the story-telling profession from the Middle East. It made me wish there was some kind of Arabic radio show meetup, particularly stories in traditional Arabic and along the lines of Arabian Nights.

Here's a little snippet from the show:

The bookstore itself had an interesting collection of books. I rarely buy physical books, but I managed to snatch this little one that I pretty excited about:

Also, as of this week I am training for Tough Mudder (more on that later). According to their training schedule, I was supposed to run yesterday but I didn't have the time. I did, however, decide to run back home from the bookstore to compensate for it. It was not an insignificant run. Here's the track:

For someone who's very new to running, this was challenging especially with all the elevation. But, it felt like a million bucks by the end of it!

Maybe I should just run to all my destinations moving forward. It's cheaper than taking a Lyft or Uber anyways.

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