Laser Cutting Goodness

They don't call it a habit unless you stick to it, and I am sticking! I shall never stop taking these notes and documenting my life, for I have found clarity and peace of mind through this.

Now, enough of being poetic. Last Saturday night was a great night. I was at the Techshop for nearly 5 hours working with the laser cutter there and playing some board games with extremely nice people.

I think, finally, I can say that I have become very comfortable using a laser cutter. I love its simplicity, speed, and the vast scope of applications it has.

That night I worked on etching a photo and my roommates Omar, Kate, and Jennifer. Here's a video of how it turned. It took me a while to figure out how to format the picture in a way that it would look well and detailed on the MDF I was cutting on, but I'd say it turned out pretty good!

Also, Omar came to the Techshop later that night and on piece of acrylic I helped him etch an owl that he wants for an LED project he's been spearheading. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

Not only that, but this morning I remembered that it was our roommate Kate's birthday! I used my newly acquired laser cutting skills to etch her a "happy birthday" frame. It took me a good number of tries to make this print. It would etch the picture perfectly but for some reason it wouldn't cut out the frame, that's when I realized that I set the thickness of the material incorrectly in the software.

Note to self: always always always measure the thickness of your material before cutting it.

That's been my laser cutting adventure the last few days. A lot more to come (and by a lot, I mean a lot). I am pumped!

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