Life Update and Hello Switzerland

This is the first "real" post that I publish in months. Shame on me…

Although I was silent on this blog, plenty of things were going on:

  1. We decided to shutdown Elk and cancel our Kickstarter campaign.
  2. I went to Berlin in an attempt to build a life there, get a job, etc after ~2.5 years of nomadding/instability. Details aside, it was a difficult time and that plan fell apart, but…
  3. Of all places, I found a job in Switzerland that I am very excited about.
  4. Prior to Switzerland, I took a two-month sabbatical where I:
    • Took horseback riding classes in Egypt.
    • Took a full indoor skiing course, also in Egypt, to prepare for the Swiss winter.
    • Studied quantitative medicine and did sixteen blood tests to measure various aspects of my health
    • .Did a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Sri Lanka - a profound experience.
    • Broke my big left toe in a scooter accident in Chiang Mai.
    • Spent three weeks at a spa school in Thailand and have become a licensed masseur in aromatherapy.
    • Started publishing and sharing some of my experience in video with my friends and on YouTube for the first time ever (see my YouTube channel). I'm not getting much views, but that's not unexpected and creating them has been a very enjoyable experience for me.I started learning German and now on track to finish the A1 level in two weeks time.
  5. I moved to Switzerland exactly one month ago. Since I got here I have:
    • Gotten a phone number, bank account, and health insurance.
    • Received medical treatment and my toe is now (almost) fully healed.
    • Found a beautiful studio apartment that I'll be moving into on March 1st.
    • Started my new job, and so far I have very positive impressions of it.
    • Last but not least, I worked with my friend Islam to release Phomo, an Android app for measuring phone usage. It's the first time I ever publish a mobile app.

Funny, when I started writing this post my overall impression of the past few months was that they were painful and highly uncertain, but now that I have enumerated some of the happenings of these months, it's starting to feel more like these were good months. Maybe this is a gentle reminder for me to always remember and think of the positive experiences.

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  1. So I googled my name and for some reason landing on your blog. Islam you are missed. Happy to hear you are happy, good and positive. Virtual hug! SH

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