Medium Fish V3 – Week 1

I wrapped up week 1 of the updated version of Project Medium Fish yesterday. Overall, I am very happy with this new version, and I am quite confident that this is the version I'll stick with until this project is taken into completion.

Reflecting on this week, here's what I like about Calisthenics Movement Level 2 so far:

  1. Warming up is first class. In all other workout programs I had seen, warming up was only an after thought and mentioned very casually in the workout plan. I like that, with the current, there's a comprehensive workout routine that I follow prior to every workout.
  2. Focus on mobility. Immobility was the primary reason I dislocated my shoulder back in 2014, and I love the mobility exercises that I do on off days and how they make me feel.
  3. Mix of Calisthenics and HIIT. One day in the week is focused on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where I do sprints, which is a welcomed change given that I haven't done that kind of training in a while.
  4. Taking it slow. In all exercises, there's a lot of emphasis on getting the correct technique and doing it slowly. Pullups, for example, are four seconds each: 1 seconds up, 1 second hold, and 2 seconds down.

Anyways, here's my exercise log for week 1.

A few things to note as I am going through these notes:

  • While here in Sidi Kaouki, I am doing pullups on a large wooden bar with an open grip, which means that pullups are a bit more difficult.
  • Squats are way too easy for me at this point. I went up to 50 in one of the sets and I stopped only because I got bored. The following week I'll do a more difficult exercise: close squats.
  • Deep Squat internal rotations are not so deep for me, but I got better over the course of the week.
  • I don't have a good setup for doing dips. I am now doing it in between two branches, and this is hurting my performance especially with the supporting leg raises. I'll try to adapt or find an alternative.
  • I am not entirely sure if I am doing arch ups correctly. Need to look into this a little bit more for week 2.
  • I got tired very fast when sprinting, but that's expected given that I haven't done this kind of activity in a long time.

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