Project Medium Fish Now Complete!

I can finally announce, after nearly six and half months, that Project Medium Fish has come to an end!

Like Small Fish, Medium Fish is also a fitness project with the goal of getting both physically and mentally stronger. Unlike Small Fish though, it was by no means a smooth sail. I had to pivot again and again and again until I landed on a workout regimen that was aligned with my mental and physical needs.

Unlike Small Fish, my goals this time weren't as precise - I wasn't aiming to do a specific number of pull-ups or something along those lines. I instead wanted to work up my strength and empirically evaluate how much I've improved.

Here's a before and after shot. The "before" shot was taken December 31st, 2017 and the after shot was taken on July 10th, 2018.

Medium Fish: Before & After

I look really angry in both of these pictures, and I have no idea why 😛 Blame it on the un-photogenic me.

Arms and chest look stronger and larger - not strikingly larger, but visibly larger. My stomach seems to have gotten slightly more fatty, but not by much.

Looking over my exercise log from the past few months, here are some observations I can make:

  1. Plank: This is one of the areas that I have improved in the most. I started feeling strong, and finished feeling stronger. In week 1, I did four sets of plank, 75 seconds each. By the end, I was able to three sets of 120 seconds. It's painful, but I got used to it enough that my brain is wired to endure longer sessions of it.
  2. Pull-ups: The program I was on focused a lot on technique rather than volume. A pull-up, within the context of this program, should be done in a slow and controlled motion that takes around 4 seconds. Given that technique, I started by being able to do 6-7 pullups max per set to being able to do 10-11 max per set.
  3. Hanging Leg Raises: I was very reluctant on doing hanging leg raises in the beginning. I just didn't enjoy it. I opted to do leg raises on the ground most of the time. However, in the last four weeks of this program, I pushed myself to do it, and focus on quality and not care at all about quantity, and started to see progress towards the end.
  4. Multiple sprints were brutal torture for me. Having said that, it always felt good afterwards, and my best is 200m in 31 seconds. Hoping to get to below 30 seconds soon!

I must add, the last few weeks of working out I wasn't as consistent, and I assume this is because the project was dragging on for so long and my constant travels, and not always having access to high-quality equipment (pull-up and parallel bars). Hopefully I can work around those better in future projects.

For this project, I ended up working out in Sidi Kaouki, San Francisco, Berlin, Krakow, and Cairo. A lot of time was invested it, but certainly worth it. More to come!

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