Project Medium Fish V3

Project Medium Fish has been in a bit of a chaos this month. Earlier this month I decided that my original plan isn't the best to pursue and updated the goals of the project to a new plan. The new plan was a plan I made myself based on my own readings and stuck with it for about 10 days.

I realized that the new plan has its deficiencies:

  1. It doesn't emphasize warming up or mobility, which is something I am much in need of.
  2. Some of the exercises are still far from my level, like the L-Sit. I searched for intermediate exercises that can help me along the way, but I didn't feel happy about my research or structure.

Following the motto of "ادي العيش لخبّازه" I decided to find the best calisthenics workout routine I could find. I ended up settling with Calisthenics Movement, which was recommended to me by someone I met in Dahab. They have several levels and have fantastic focus on both strength and flexibility.

I opted to do their level 2 workout program. I could've went with level 3, but decided to go slow and work on perfecting my technique. Technique is something that is highly emphasized in this new plan. I like that for almost all exercises you have to do it slower than usual and focus on doing it right. Pullups, for example, should be in four seconds: 1 second up, 1 second hold, and 2 seconds down.

This program will be 15 weeks, but I'll reserve 16 weeks to give myself some slack. This pushes out the deadline to June 8th, 2018.

In Small Fish I used to blog following every exercise, but that's a bit cumbersome I think. Instead, I'll be logging all my exercises on a daily basis here and will post a weekly update to the blog instead.

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