Project Medium Fish

Update: this is an outdated version of the project. Check out the new updated version here.

Following the success of Project Small Fish, I feel now more ready than ever to start another project. This project is an extension of Project Small Fish, and I thus dubbed it "Project Medium Fish".

Project Medium Fish, like its predecessor, is a mental and physical fitness project. To me, this project is deeply foundational. It's a challenge to grow myself mentally and physically. It's a statement. It's a statement that I am in control, and in my control I shall be disciplined and I shall thrive. I don't need to rely on a new year's resolution to motivate me or a gym membership to make me feel better. My mind is now much stronger than three months ago, and I believe that I now have the mind to take this project to completion and many others to come.

Deadline: April 15, 2018

Current Progress:


For this project, I decided to follow a program called "The System" by Bar Brothers. As someone who suffered from a shoulder injury, I need to spend more time building my calisthenics foundation, and I think this program will help me build a solid one.

It's a 12 week program, and by the end of it I should be able to do the following between three different workout sessions:

 Exercise Reps Sets Rest
Handstand Pushups wall assisted 5 6 40sec
Pushups stance shoulder walk outs 10 6 45sec
Pike Pushups 14 6 50sec
Handstand Hold 45sec 6 1min
Muscle Ups 8 6 30sec
Pushups 15 6 40sec
Dips 15 6 45sec
Pullups 10 6 1min
Clap Pushups 12 6 30sec
Type-Writer Pushups 12 6 40sec
Inner Pushups 12 6 50sec
90 Degree Pushups Hold 10sec 6 1min

In addition, there is a test to compare fitness levels before and after. I did the test today (12/31) and here are my results:

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Result
Pushups Max 1min 3 1min 31,14,10
Squats Max 1min 3 1min 26,34,38
Dips Max 30sec 3 1min 15,16,12
Situps Max 1min 3 1min 34,21,30
Pullups Max 30sec 3 1min 8,9,5

I'll be reporting my progress as often and as thorough as I can. It's showtime!

Also, there's only a few hours left in 2017. Happy new year!

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