Project Mobile Fish I

Yes, I think you can see a pattern by now. I'm launching a new fitness project. Project Slim Fish has been a very good success despite my shoulder setbacks. Since Slim Fish I've been doing some loose exploration of what to do next fitness-wise. What I realized is that what I need the most at this stage isn't more strength, it's more mobility.

My mobility is in my view my biggest weakness. I feel quite stiff, and as I get older I suspect my immobility will be the leading cause of injuries and/or pain I'll have. I decided to follow Calisthenics Movement's Mobility Program. I relied on Calisthenics Movement for Medium Fish and Slim Fish, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

For the purpose of this project, I'll aim to complete the first part of the mobility program, which is eight weeks long. As I did with Slim Fish, I'm not specifying specific mobility goals with this project. I'll be reporting progress based on empirical observations.

Deadline: December 18th, 2018



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