Project Slim Fish

Update [October 11th, 2018]: Although this is a late update, Slim Fish has completed on schedule!

My original plan was to train for eight weeks, but I unfortunately only ended up training for five, as you can see in the workout log. The reason for this is unfortunately due to a minor incident that happened to my shoulder then, and I needed to rest to get it back in shape.

For the past few weeks I've been reading a lot more on nutrition, and I currently following a moderately low carb diet. It has felt really great, and has definitely helped me in slimming down, as can be seen in the before/after shots below:

Before Slim Fish
After Slim Fish

I think it's clear here the progress made to trim down body fat. There's some muscle loss that's visible as well, but I'd say it's insignificant.

Following the success of Medium Fish and Small Fish, it's now time, yet again, to start fitness project #3. This one I code-named Slim Fish because, unlike the previous two projects, it has an emphasis on reducing my body fat %.

I'll be following this guide by Calisthenics Movement. I switched fitness plans twice in Medium Fish, until I found Calisthenics Movement and was very happy with their fitness routines.

This time around, Slim Fish will be both shorter and lighter than Medium Fish. I felt that Medium Fish dragged on for too long and I was losing momentum a bit towards the end. In some ways, Slim Fish will be a light break in between larger fitness projects.

I'm planning for eight weeks for this project. Rather than working out for five times a week as with Medium Fish, I'll be reducing it to three times a week in this program. In addition, I'm doing a sixteen hour fast (from early evening to late morning). I've been on this diet for nearly a week and it does feel much better and isn't difficult to follow at all.

I'll be recording all my workouts here. However, almost all the workouts are time-based rather than rep-based, so logging the workouts will just make references to the workout manual I have for the project. As always, I'll post more updates towards the end of the project to observe results.

I would've loved to measure my body fat before and after, but I unfortunately don't have access to the right equipment while here in Egypt and Lebanon. I'll resort to empirical observation from pictures when the project ends.

Deadline: September 18th, 2018 (my birthday!)
Current Progress: Done!


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