Restoring Balance

It's a late night here in Cairo. Aside from posts related to Project Small Fish, I haven't really posted much in a while.

December has been a month where I lost my balance. I was so deeply focused working on one particular project, and I got so consumed by it to the point where I have been falling short on other priorities. Examples:

  • Not spending quality time with my parents even though I'm living with them. I'm also not being a good uncle to my nephews. I haven't been doing fun activities with them at all.
  • Barely seeing my friends.
  • Very slow in responding and getting back to people's messages. Similarly, I didn't follow up much with people whom I met at Riseup Summit earlier this month.
  • Not doing fun activities or adventures to add that extra spice to life.
  • Not keeping in touch with people who are important to me or greeting them on special occasions.
  • Not taking advantage of my time in Egypt (examples: taking oud lessons, calligraphy classes, etc.)
  • Not documenting what's been going on in my life.

I'll have follow-up posts to address how I want to tackle each of the above. I started tonight by freeing myself up for the evening and spending more play time with my nephews.

I played with Mido and he was teaching me how to build Titanic out of legos:

And I played dominoes with the little man:


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