Shady’s Departure

Yesterday Shady, one of the engineers that report to me, had a chat with me and informed me of his decision to leave our company to pursue another opportunity.

Shady's concerns that made him pursue another opportunity were mostly around legalities that were out of my personal control, but that still doesn't make his decision come across to me lightly. It definitely does't feel great to have someone on your team deciding to leave.

I spent some time yesterday reflecting on this. What are the things that we, as a team, need to change in order to be top-tier and world class? What can we do to make our work life more enjoyable and rewarding, for ourselves and for our anyone that's choosing to work with us?

I reflected a bit on this and I have already taken some actions to step up our game as a team. I'll discuss those in a future post.

On another note, I just wrapped up a soccer game and will shortly be heading to Siwa!

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