A Visit to Krakow’s Museum of Contemporary Art

On Sunday I went with Marie to visit the factory of Oscar Schindler in Krakow. We unfortunately went a bit too late and couldn't book tickets. Luckily though, the museum of contemporary art was open late and, I must say, it was a spectacular museum. It was relatively small, but I connected with a lot of art pieces there that I think are worth sharing.

The Towel Forest

This art piece, which is made entirely of towels, struck me with its simplicity and elegance.

The USA in Plastic Caps

I am a huge fan of turning waste into art. This piece was made entirely of plastic caps. I loved how the artist was resourceful and used different plastics and caps to depict 3d topography.

The Arab Revolution

This was one of my favourites. It features flags of the 22 Arab states, and the three flags with the broom sticks are for countries that have been "freed from tyranny", with the hopes that all other countries follow. I believe this was made shortly after the beginnings of the Arab Spring, so the artist was particularly optimistic.

USA Diversity Flag

My initial reaction to seeing this was a surprise. I didn't expect to see Islamic scriptures on an American flag, and sharing a real estate with cowboy attire and a cross. It's certainly a diversity I'm hoping the world embraces.

Art Sets You Free

I would say this is the art piece that made me ponder the most. It reads "Kunst Macht Frei", which is German for "art sets you free". This art piece is a very close depiction of the sign "Arbeit Macht Frei", which is mounted on the gate of Auschwitz that I had visited last month. The irony in this, I found, was profound.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing some snippets of a great museum visit. Here's us!