Acting in Chinese? I think so!

As our Chinese course is nearly coming to an end, we were asked to spice things up a bit by creating our very own short film in Chinese! We had to find a native Chinese speaker and interview him with at least ten questions from the vocabulary we had learnt. Check it out!

While you're at it, checkout the full blog and the making of below (just so you know what we've been through) 😀

Hello World from Singapore

So it’s been quite a while since I posted anything here. The past few months were crazy busy. I am now in Singapore on exchange at the National University of Singapore. I arrived here last Saturday and so far my impressions are very positive. The country is very well organized, well kept and I fell in love with the tropical weather.

I am living in one of the residence halls on campus called Kent Ridge Hall. People here are super friendly and I am learning a lot about Asian culture from them.

I am staying in Singapore for four months. During this period I am hoping to:

  • Become familiar with Asian culture.
  • Learn about the factors contributing to the success and progress of Asian countries and how we can apply this to the Middle East.
  • Explore Singapore and neighboring countries.
  • Learn some Chinese!

I am hoping I’ll have the time to do all this. Especially since I am taking some heavy CS courses including Operating Systems, AI and Algorithms. Will keep you updated on how it goes!