The Kickstarter Eve

I'm now back in Cairo after 11 days in Berlin. There's a lot going on in my mind from that trip and certainly lots to reflect on.

I'm going to focus this post though on our Kickstarter preparations. Our company, Elk, is on the verge of releasing our first ever product on Kickstarter. It's a development board for building blockchain hardware applications and what we call "Decent" IoT.

Admittedly, I think our chances of success in this campaign are rather low. Having said that, I feel quite proud of the work we've accomplished. In some ways, this work is a manifestation of my childhood dream of building something technological out of the Middle East. It has certainly been a challenge building a blockchain/hardware company out of Egypt, and that to me makes this journey for me special, despite many of its drawbacks.

I feel very grateful for the people I work with and my friends and family out here for their support over the past few months. I am not at all regretful of this phase of my life even if this work doesn't pan out. Regardless of what the Kickstarter campaign holds for us, I feel content, and whatever comes next shall be more grand and more audacious.

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