The OpenVillage Festival

Today I went to the OpenVillage Festival that's organized by the EdgeRyders community. I got referred to this community last week through Bilal, and through online exchanges the people seemed interesting/crazy enough that I knew I had to come to Brussels to chat with them.

I admit, I am still not too clear what EdgeRyders exactly is about. The people that are part of it are clearly ambitious, knowledgeable, and interested in making a positive difference. From what I gather, the way they are aiming to achieve this is by outlining what are the different needs that humans need to be happy, and exploring how these needs can be met through collaboration as well as co-living.

The people I met today were certainly a diverse crew of talented people, and often have ways of thinking that I haven't been used to, at least for someone coming from Silicon Valley. A reasonable portion of the people I interacted with are anti-capitalist, anti-corporation, and believe that everything should be open-sourced.

While I appreciate open-source, I am also a huge believer in the power of business. Also, while capitalism is far from perfect, I have yet to see a better model by which a society should operate. I'll be keeping an open mind these days though - would love to observe a better (and more environmentally friendly) alternative.

We did an urgan game today where we split into teams and explored the city. Somehow, I ended up wearing an eagle mask. Here's a picture with me and Bilal pimping it out in Brussels!

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