The Psychedelic Painting Night

This is the first public post I do in 2017 on this blog. What a shame! I'll try to be more open and do a better job of documenting my life moving forward.

It has been raining pretty hard in the Bay Area the last few days, and last night was no exception. Staying at home was the most comforting choice. Omar Fahmy, a friend of ours, was visiting and the two of us ended up painting through the night. The painting is part of a big art piece I've been prepping for some time, and we're finally starting to make good progress!

Here's Omar painting away and unleashing his artistic skills!

We are painting the forest with psychedelic colors, and for paint we're using florescent acrylic paint. I'll be installing blacklight around the final piece from some extra trippy-ness! Here's a little sneak peak of how things are looking under black light:

And I just hung those up on one of the walls of our room. We'll slowly work our way to cover that entire frame with the forest.

More important than the art piece though is Omar telling me last night about how happy and present he felt as we were both painting. He hasn't held a brush since kindergarten, nor did he think he ever would. Omar's testament echoed feelings I have had for a long time, both in a small way and a big way.

In a small way, I too felt very content and present as I was painting. It was a very soothing social bonding, and I felt like I could keep painting forever in that serene ambience we had set up for ourselves. But, in a bigger way, I felt the need to have more experiences like this; social experiences where we do something memorable and create things as opposed to just spending time "hanging out" and doing nothing.

Yes, I need more memorable social experiences in my life, and I'll work on creating those for myself and for people around me moving forward.

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