The Ultimate Freedom

Greetings from Madrid! The last few days I was occupied with the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp reunion here. It was refreshing to see everyone and for all us to spend a few fun days together.

I am now sitting at Café de la Luz, about to finally start "working" again after all the festivities. I put "working" in double quotes because I am using the word "working" in a fluid sense. "Working" these days, in the absence of any structure or a job, is really just analogous with me just having my laptop open.

I bring this up because today is special. It's a day where, for the very first time, I have no plans in my life. Literally zero. Nothing. Nada.*

Sitting here at this coffeeshop in Madrid, I have no sense at all of where I should go next or what specifically I should do. There's no reason for me to be in Madrid, but there's also no reason for me to be anywhere else, really.

At the same time, I have the capacity to do practically anything. I can take off on a world-trip if I feel like. I can go to the Far East and indulge in martial arts. I can go to Africa and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, or maybe Nepal to do some meditation?

What I am experiencing now is the luxury of having the ultimate freedom. Having said that, there is a very fine line between ultimate freedom and being completely lost. That fine line, I think, is purpose. I currently have no purpose that I am fully committed to, and as a result I consistently feel lost.

I do believe though that purpose is attained with a blend of thinking and acting. I have done plenty of thinking (and this blog is a testament of that), and it's now time to be acting. More to come on that.

* Well, strictly speaking, I just booked a bus to Cordoba tomorrow. But, I think of that as random probing rather than an actual plan.

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