Today Sucked…

This post may end up sounding like a rant, but it's not.

Alright, so today sucked. It completely sucked. I barely did anything useful at work, and I also barely did anything useful after work. It just... sucked. It sucked so much that I didn't realize how much it sucked until now - almost midnight.

Let's see what I did today:

  • I sent some emails. One of them I left as a draft because I "didn't have the time" to finish it up and send it.
  • I watched a few videos from the "User Innovation" course at MIT. I was planning to read parts of the book (I didn't) and go through the exercises (I didn't either).
  • I aimlessly played a few times with my dragon staff every couple of hours.
  • As I was watching one of the MIT videos, I wondered how cool it would be to watch it on my Gear VR. I wasted 30 minutes trying to get it to work unsuccessfully.
  • Ghania invited me over for a yoga class, but I was "too busy".
  • I didn't do the hard things. It's a lot easier to mindlessly watch a video than actually go through the thought process in the exercises of the course. It's a lot easier to defer more brain intensive work like thinking of how to coordinate the tech talks for the NYUAD hackathon that's coming up, and even the less brain intensive and more important work like reaching out to people I'll meet at the MIT bootcamp in a few days.

I basically got nothing done today. I am writing this to tell myself that this is complete bullshit. This day has been completely lost and I am very annoyed.

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to reflect a little bit. I think I got nothing done today for two reasons:

  1. There is lack of direction. I didn't have specific things I needed to finish today. I had some vague idea of things to do, but the objective behind these things wasn't articulated or clear.
  2. There is lack of accountability. There's nothing directly at risk by me doing nothing today. There's no pressure on me to perform.

I know that I can do orders of magnitude more in the presence of direction and accountability. The key now is to make it present all the time - or at least as often as possible.

I'll begin by waking up early tomorrow and enumerating what I want to get out of my day for starters, and then I'll spend more time thinking about how to build accountability.

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