Visiting the Hospital in Essaouira

You know what's one thing I would like to change about myself? I think too much. I wanted to write a short update about today and I am spending too much time thinking about what to actually write, how to structure it, what's worth writing and what isn't. The result? Well, as you can see, that not as much writing is going on anymore.

So I decided with this post to do the exact opposite. To write exactly what comes to my mind word for word, even if it doesn't end up making sense.

I am still in Sidi Kaouki, and I'd say today was a good day. I ended up going to Essaouira today with Sofian, Islam (the girl), Hadeer, and two other girls that joined our house two days ago.

The main reason I went to Essaouira today was to visit the hospital to get a tetanus vaccination. I bruised my knee and both my palms two days ago while I was running (slipped on the road), and Matthias, one of the roommates in the house, advised that I should get a tetanus vaccination if I hadn't taken it in the last 10 years.

Today I experienced what a public hospital in Morocco was like. I was originally skeptical, but was delightfully surprised of the great treatment I got. I wouldn't say it's like a hospital in Canada, but they were very quick, efficient, and, most surprising of all, did not charge me money! I am very surprised by that. I was chatting with one of the doctors and he started showing pictures of him participating in triathlons - what a great crew!

Anyways, earlier in the day we went for lunch at the nice terrace of مطعم البركة. Here's a picture of the crew:

PS: The flow of this post doesn't seem so bad given I was putting zero thought as I was writing. I should do more of this!

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