Week 2 – Day 3 & 5

I'll write about both days since I missed documenting the workout from day 3. Day 3 was focused on core. I did four sets of the following:

  • Knee Raises (20 seconds)
  • 90 Degree Flutter Kicks (20 seconds)
  • Parallel Bar Knee Raises (25 seconds)
  • 90 Degree Core Hold (10 seconds)

In the last two rounds, I couldn't hold 90 degree with my core in flutter kicks or L-hangs, so I did them with my knees bent.

Today was focused on back - lots of pullups. I did three rounds of the following:

  • 10 wide grip pullups
  • 8 close grip pullups
  • 5sec Down Pullup Release
  • 8 Pullup Hold Side to Side

I had to break down some of the sets into two as it was difficult to do this many. I also rested a lot longer than the suggested rest period.

This workout program is quite tough. If I am continuously not hitting the expected performance I may have to modify my plans a bit.

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